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Post by TS Redemption on Fri Jul 16, 2010 6:07 pm

OK seeing as most people are doing nothing and no clan activity is going on, I've decided to start "Training", basically this means that the members will be online on one server playing each other.

This will not only get you lazy bums active, but also improve your skills.

Storm has payed so much for this clan but currently we have no server, but don't worry. Untill we can get a server, one of the admins can create a server and invite members.

So everyone can post on what times they want it (date, time) and also the map and gametype they want to play.

if people don't take this seriously, then the training will become "MANDATORY!". This means you don't come... YOU GET KICKED!...
but we're not monsters, so for any reason you can't come. inform us. But the reason must be valid.

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